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Postby Dbldutch » Sun Mar 01, 2020 7:19 pm

Thanks for the invite Dave, things are looking a bit busy that weekend, but I'll see if I can sneak away, sounds fun :)

I'll get some pics up when I have Godzilla (Big, green, japanese, a bit of a dinosaur, loud and an evolutionary dead end) back, it wasn't really the weather for it when I last saw her!

Plans so far are just to get everything up to spec, I think she's been rather neglected over the past few years - simple stuff like fresh brake pads, making sure there's lube where it should be and none where it shouldn't, and wotnot. Ride a bit, see what I think about the rest.

My only niggle so far is that the bars are a bit high for my taste (my hands are above my elbows), and with about 5 or 10 degrees too much sweep. I've had the same issue with my previous bikes ,an FZ6, now sold, and a FZS1000, so it might just be my orangutan arms. I successfully took a scaffold tube to the former, and put FZ1 bars on the latter. Oh, and the pegs seem really far forward, but that might be the bars pushing me too far back - and a completely different style of bike. That said, the 5 hours home were entirely comfortable, so I'll hang fire before I start messing about too much, maybe start by raising the seat an inch or two.

Definitely on the list (parts ordered) is putting hid projectors on - the lanes around here are much easier if you can actually see them :wtf:
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