Short spin after couple of months....

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Short spin after couple of months....

Postby Dr Mabuse » Wed Jul 04, 2018 7:38 pm

I threw the leg over the Suzuki after a couple of months abandonment. Last time I went for a spin the engine cut out whilst parked and failed to restart. I guessed it was fuelling as I had a leak at the pump after rebuild but re-tightened the screws back then. Anyhow, upon removing the plastics I noticed the fuel line was kinked at the tap but, after a few blips of the starter it fired up like a beast.

Funny how some bikes have a character compared to other bikes we may ride. I like it as it's relatively light so encourages me to get off-road along boreens and forestry tracks.

Roads melting over here in recent weeks so need to be weary of same.

I've decided to take my Pan along the Mosel Valley and around the Alps rather than head south to Malaga - hope to escape weekend after next. Camping & hostels as funds are sparse but, can't complain really.

I trust all you dudes are doing grand.......
Dr Mabuse
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