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Registering on this forum

Postby admin » Mon Jan 17, 2011 10:09 am

Due to the amount of spamming b'stards we've had lately, any new users will have to have their acount activated by me. Sorry for any inconvenience but it's the only way (at the moment) that we can stop the spambots filling up this forum with crap!
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Registering on this forum

Postby BigBob » Wed Sep 11, 2019 10:05 am

OK, an update on registering on the forum
I have just deleted over 5000 accounts that were waiting to be activated, and this is just from the past few weeks
A random check of a few hundred showed that they were all spammers from Russia, China and the USA
I`m sure I have deleted some genuine people trying to register and I`m sorry about but I`m not prepared to spend most of my life checking through the hundreds of new accounts that are trying to register every day, especially when they are spambots.
If you want to register on the forum then register the normal way and then email me on with your username and I`ll activate your account.
If you don`t do this you will be deleted
Sorry about this but I am not prepared to have this forum paralysed by spambots again


A few months ago we were inundated by Russian spambots that posted huge quantities of porn and clogged up the site with it.
I spent ages firefighting the little bastards and was deleting them individually as I didn`t know any other way.
Fortunately, Knobby the admin man blocked them all from posting again, but it also meant that we got no new members as they needed to be manually validated by me, and I hadn`t got a clue how to do it.
Now that Knobby has pointed the way, I can delete/validate as I wish which should keep the site safe
However, we are still under attack by the little kuntz which are registering at the rate of about a dozen an hour, so it means I have to access the admin area daily to delete hundreds of the little swine en masse.
If you want to register as a new member on this site you really must email me with your username or you will be subjected to mass murder along with all the spambots.
I know it`s a very small website for a few strange old blokes with strange old bikes but I`d like to keep it going if I can.
Ride safe...........
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