Help from an expert needed!

Questions regarding the DR750

Help from an expert needed!

Postby CapnNogrow » Mon Jun 11, 2018 8:48 pm

I have a DR 750 with an 800 engine. Carbs from the DR800, SR43. Cam is from the DR750 ( because I couldnt get an original cam. I also have a Lazer exhaust (Race version). Original unmodifed airbox.
Original carb jetting 45/130 needle 3rd. Runs decent. But a tad too rich. Most likely due to the more open exhaust and the DR750 cam.

So my question is, whats the best approach?

1. Modify the airbox to allow a higher airflow.
2. Put 120-125 (alt 127,5) main jets and fiddle with the needle, keeping the original airfilter and box.

What's your opinion?
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Virgin - be gentle
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Re: Help from an expert needed!

Postby BigBob » Tue Jun 12, 2018 8:23 am

Your float heights are probably too high so try bending the float tang in towards the needle a smidge. After years of bouncing around they tend to go out of spec eventually.
You could also try a 125 mj if that doesn`t work. Dropping a needle is equivalent to half a jet size.
I`ve tried modifying airboxes without much success as I`ve had the same problem as you, and found it was float height that was the problem.
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