Need a new beak after bash

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Need a new beak after bash

Postby ladder106 » Fri May 30, 2014 3:51 pm

(Also posted on ADVrider)

So....I can stop waiting now.

After 42 years, I finally made contact with a car yesterday. Not done that since 1972.

Was in a round-about (and I'll reverse all the directions of travel here for you lot that ride on the wrong side of the road) and saw the car entering the roundabout to my immediate left look my way and stop. Thought he'd seen me and was yielding. Round-abouts (called Traffic Circles in the States) are not common here. The university campus prides itself on progressive thinking and uses them for bicycle traffic and in 2 or 3 other areas for normal road traffic. The problem is that many drivers do not understand the rules that pertain.
Checked to the right/behind to make certain the car already in the roundabout was not closing the gap.....

.....and when I looked back to the front, I found my assumption to be WRONG. The driver that had previously stopped had moved into the circle and was now about 3 meters in front of me and I was headed straight for his door.

Not enough distance to stop so pitched it to the right as fast as possible to at least reduce the angle and ended up on contact at about 10 to 15 degrees (better than 90).

Ended up body checking the car (a Toyota Corolla driven by a university student) with my leg, knee and shoulder, then with the speed down to a walking pace, fell over.

Not injured at all (Thank you BMW Rally 2 armor and Sidi boots).

Crashbars saved damage to the bike except for a big crack in the front cowling (nose) section.

Witness said I was well into the roundabout and had the hopefully his insurance will pay for parts.

So....if anyone has a spare SR41 1989 BLUE nose cowling lying about, I'd like to buy one. CMS has one entire nose assembly for about 500 Euro (aaackkk) but it would be nice to find one a bit less dear. Any other parts houses in your particular part of the world might also be helpful so send me the names or links.

Lessons Learned:

(a)Later analysis showed that I'd gotten a bit lax in my "Ride like Your Invisible" rule and my assumption about being seen and given the road was sadly in error.

(b) Good riding gear works

Open to other analysis or fault finding in my riding/avoidance technique.
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Re: Need a new beak after bash

Postby Deano » Fri May 30, 2014 4:44 pm

Hi Ladder,

I have been on the look out for one for ages for my 42a. Don't believe CMSNL I have tried to order a few thing from them :tdown: . Every time I place an order the cost gets added shipping and taxes that almost add another 50% to the price then you wait for a week or two then get an e-mail telling you that the part is no longer available and they refund your money. On the upside the beak can be plastic welded. (almost as strong as new if you can find a good plastic welder) + you can still get the paint from Suzuki it was the way I went in the end.

I have my wife's permission to keep breathing!!
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Re: Need a new beak after bash

Postby nug » Fri May 30, 2014 10:20 pm

Sorry to hear of your coming together with a Corolla Ladder. You could have run into something far more interesting.... :tup: Glad you are not hurt but its a bugger about the beak mate. I have struggled to get a decent spare beak and ended up with one from Spendango which needs painting and some holes welding. Deano suggested getting it welded which I would try first as its going to be expensive to get one over to you new or used.The other option is to go to a bodyshop supplier & buy some decent plastic repair adhesive. I am tempted to try & reproduce them in GRP. If I ever get a chance to do it then I will certainly make them for anybody who wants one.
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Re: Need a new beak after bash

Postby canadian chris » Sat May 31, 2014 3:07 am

glad to hear you got through injury-free. Up here in BC local municipalities went roundabout-crazy a couple years back and I'm amazed at how many drivers act like stunned cattle when trying navigate them. God forbid they should have to think while driving :roll:

Really sorry that your beak took a hit, it's the one place where cosmetics stand out. If my stator repair doesn't work out, you may have a chance to pickup a whole spare parts bike ;)

~ Chris
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Re: Need a new beak after bash

Postby Sinky » Sat May 31, 2014 4:00 pm ... 077348.htm

Contact MD ALPU
phone 00 34 653 279 406

If any help
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