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Postby BigBob » Mon Aug 11, 2014 12:19 pm

Translated by Google from French I think.
If your bike has been standing for 4 years then all the jets in the carburettors will be blocked and need to be cleaned out.
You will have to remove the carburettors from the bike to do this, which is not an easy job.
You will also need a good battery so you will have to spend some money.
Where in France are you? There may be someone we know that is near you that can help.
Maybe this will help http://www.timguy.net/sites/drbiginfo/DrBIGmanuals/
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Re: DR750 electricity

Postby ladder106 » Mon Aug 11, 2014 4:34 pm

It appears as though you may have overheated parts of your electrical system.

One should be very careful when adding amperage to a motorcycle from a auto battery. If you find it necessary, the auto should never have the engine running. Auto batteries have more than enough capacity to start a motorcycle. With the auto engine running the voltage can get high enough to damage ignition components on the motorcycle.

Start by connecting a power source directly to the starter motor (this will be easier with the carbs removed). Once you get the starter running move the power up to the starter solenoid and test that component. Then add in the ignition system and look for spark.

You will need a circuit tester and a volt meter to start.

If you are lucky you will find components that still function but I fear you have damaged something. Hopefully and damage was done to the ignition switch (check the connections on the bottom) or some other inexpensive component that acted as a "fuse" and prevented damage to the CDI box and other expensive parts.

It is also possible that you overheated some part of the wiring loom. Look for melted or overheated insulation.

The most difficult damage to find is damage that occurs inside the wiring loom. I have seen internal wires melted together creating a short circuit. The factory wire wrapping must be removed to find these.

Let us know how you get on.
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