Ahhh life...

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Re: Ahhh life...

Postby H_Lime » Mon Feb 12, 2018 11:30 pm

Getting old sure does suck ass. Injuries that were shook off in weeks in your twenties take months in the forties :tdown:
Also, merely looking at donuts makes ya fat :angel:

On Nugs recommend...

Two yrs old by the stamp and just over 50% discharged.

Way smaller! Shame its shorter tho... Harder to utilise extra space on top the battery.

Floating her up to spec.

High hopes from this battery, at 109 gbp its the sauciest battery I've bought. In saying that i do remember scratching my head in slight amazement at the odyssey in my old k starting up like a fresh battery after a whole winter without use or charge.

Time constraints the usual mix of mad to crazy but at a minimum hope to bolt down the engine tomo.
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Re: Ahhh life...

Postby nug » Tue Feb 13, 2018 12:22 am

I seem to remember packing mine up very slightly so I didn't have to lengthen the battery cables. I then used dense foam sheet (similar to that lock together flooring tiles you can get) to drop on top of the battery which then left space for me to pack the puncture kit and then later on the 750 the fuse box for my electrical shit. Alternatively you could make a little frame to stand the battery on which would allow you to put stuff underneath it. Not ideal as you would have to remove the battery to access it. Seems a shame not to use the space it frees up.
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