Murdered my ignition switch

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Murdered my ignition switch

Postby ladder106 » Tue Apr 18, 2017 9:27 am

Nice day Saturday last. Norther California has been acting quite alot like the UK this winter and spring so I thought I'd use a dry day to take the Dr750 out.

Turned on the key, neutral light went on....then off....then on.....then off and stayed off. Drat. But at least it didn't strand me on the trail.

Pulled out the ignition switch and found the red power lead broken off the solder joint on the backside. Now this is the third time that a wire has come adrift from this switch. I can solder pretty well and the repair was done without too much delay.

Then while out riding I got to thinking about what it would take to do this repair on the trail far from home. You'd have to pull the switch and break the correct wires off the switch and tape them together and hope the taped splice held while you limped back to civilization. Not a great system.

I decided to eliminate the keyed switch entirely.

Looking at the wiring I found I'd need two single throw switches. The Red and Orange wire have to be connected and also the Grey and Brown wire have to be connected...but...they can not be connected to the Red and 2 switches.

There is a single Black/White wire also coming from the switch but this just serves to ground either the CDI or the coils to shut the engine off. Since I always shut down with the compression release and a study of the "kill" switch looked like it would still work if I needed it(and it does) - I just decided not to use the Black/White at all.

I installed 2 bar mounted switches from Trailtech ($20 each). One for the Red/Orange and one for the Grey/Brown. The switches come with either spade or bullet connections. I opted for bullets. One wire has a male and one has a female bullet.

The green plug was removed from the harness and the wires trimmed and new bullet connectors crimped on with the appropriate tool.

So now I have 2 bar switches for the ignition with a failsafe backup of easily connecting the Red/Orange or Grey/Brown together at the bullet connections should the switches fail.

The bike lives in my garage and if I'm worried about security a disc lock will do more than the standard keyed ignition ever could. I left the ignition barrel in place so the bike appears to require a key to start.

No more ignition switch worries.

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Re: Murdered my ignition switch

Postby BigBob » Tue Apr 18, 2017 2:39 pm

I remember having an ignition switch that kept cutting out when it rained hard (which is frequently in the UK) and it was getting dangerous.
So on further investigation I discovered that water was getting into the switch and connecting the black/white earth wire to the orange wire as the soldered connections are next to each other.
Easily sorted by cutting the earth wire though it meant it wouldn`t turn off with a key, though I use the decompressor like most of us anyway.
You`ve probably done the right thing by changing the ignition set up as they are not very robust and long past their sell by date by now.
I`ve put silicone sealant in the back of all my switches but I`ve still had several fail over the past two decades
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