Fork oil change.

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Fork oil change.

Postby dave#22 » Sat Jun 10, 2017 7:49 pm

Hi all, since fiddling with the rear suspension on my DRnotsoBig to make it softer, I decided to replace the #10 fork oil with #7.5.
As I have a DR600 headlight assembly attached to the forks, it would be a pain to remove and refit.. :tdown: ...even worse if I found #7.5 was too thin and needed to go back to #10.
So I removed the handlebars, the fork top caps, spacers and springs, compressed the forks, and used a length of 8mm steel tube attached to an old 12v SU fuel pump and pumped out the old oil into a measuring jug....replacing it with the same amount.
Its a pity they didn't fit drain plugs.... :crazy:
I need a test run now to see if it's okay or if I need to go back to #10, or try a #5.
Dave...the eternal fiddler... :tup:
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