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Re: How to: Get a good front brake

Postby nug » Wed Apr 11, 2018 11:34 pm

You have found that a smaller 11mm piston gives more power than a larger 14mm piston. Simple effect of ratios same as gearing. Smaller front sprocket gives more initial grunt but less top speed. Its the same with fluid dynamics. The downside of the smaller master cylinder piston is more lever travel. I have the stock Big master cylinder paired with a DRZ 400 caliper and have a very firm lever with little travel but this suits me as it allows more control especially off road. It still stops fine on the road but I just have to pull harder :tup:
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Re: How to: Get a good front brake

Postby Scuzi » Wed Apr 18, 2018 6:48 am

Would the front left calliper and bracket from a Kawasaki ER6n/f bolt straight on to a ‘91 SR43? Or will it need to be modified? I’m now using my bike as a daily driver and really need to sort the front brake!

Also, what’s the view on pads? I bought a pair of EBC HH sintered pads and I’m not sure whether or not to put them on, mainly because I’ve read that they only work well when up to temperature.
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Re: How to: Get a good front brake

Postby BigBob » Wed Apr 18, 2018 9:27 am

I`ve given up on EBC products as I`ve had some bad experiences with them. They used to be the best back in the 80`s but I think their quality control really isn`t very good any more.
You are right about HH pads not having a lot of feel at low speed, particularly in cold wet weather when you really need it.
I`ve experimented with my 43 using all sorts of combinations. I`ve found that a Brembo disc (about a third of the price of OE ... SwImRaWNDA ) and genuine pads work best, though OE Tokico pads are far too expensive at £40 a set.
SBS and Goldfren are good vfm. Dave#22 swears by using one HH pad and one organic pad for the best of both worlds.
Stripping the caliper down and cleaning out the accrued shite behind the dust seal and making sure the caliper slides as it should is imperative.
None of this is cheap, but it will give an acceptable front brake. How much is your life worth?
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Re: How to: Get a good front brake

Postby Scuzi » Sun Apr 22, 2018 1:29 pm

I rebuilt the caliper with new seals and gave the EBC HH pads a try. They're not bad, slightly better than the unbranded pads that were in there before, but no major difference overall.

Next step is to tray a new master cylinder and a braided line. For some reason I have fluid seeping out of the top of the stock master cylinder after bleeding. I've reseated it numerous time and the rubber looks fine but it keeps leaking. Since a new m/c is recommended, I might as well have a go at replacing it.

I've worked out a ballpark...
New master cylinder - £30
Braided line - £35
ER6 caliper, new pads and rebuild kit - £80
Brembo disc - £80
TOTAL - about £225

If that gets a good front brake at the end then it's not bad value for money.
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Re: How to: Get a good front brake

Postby gadgetboy » Sun Apr 29, 2018 4:55 pm

Mr.Z wrote:From 1996 there's a new front brake, and that one brakes a lot better and fits on the older models [ you will need the adapter from the new brake also]. On the new brake is the name "Tokico" and its also mounted on the bikes on this list. [only a left one will fit! ]

ER-5 TWISTER (ER-5/01) (2001 - ) [FRONT]
ER-6F (EX650A) (2006 - ) [FRONT LEFT]
ER-6N (ER650A) (2005 - ) [FRONT LEFT]
KLR 650 (KL650C) (1995 - ) [FRONT]
ZR-7 (ZR750-F1) (1999 - 2003) [FRONT LEFT]
Z 750 (ZR750-J) (2004 - 2006) [FRONT LEFT]
Z 750 (ZR750-M) (2007 - ) [FRONT LEFT]
VN 800 DRIFTER (VN800-C1) (1999 - 2001) [FRONT]
KLV 1000 (KLV1000) (2003 - 2006) [FRONT LEFT]
GPZ 1100 ABS (ZX1100F) (1996 - 1997) [FRONT RIGHT]
VN 15 CL.TOURER (VNT50G) (1998 - 2003) [FRONT LEFT]
VN 1500 CLASSIC (VNT50D) (1998 - 2002) [TOURER /FRONT LEFT]
VN 1500 DRIFTER (VN1500-J1) (1999 - 2001) [FRONT]
GSF 400 BANDIT (GK75B) (1991 - 1995) [FRONT Mod Yr 1995]
GSF 600 BANDIT (WVA8) (2000 - 2004) [FRONT RIGHT]
GSF 600 S BAND. (WVA8/S) (2000 - 2003) [FRONT RIGHT]
SV 650 (AV) (1999 - 2009) [FRONT RIGHT]
SV 650 /S (WVBY) (2003 - ) [FRONT RIGHT]
GSF 650 /ABS (BANDIT650) (2005 - ) [FRONT RIGHT]
GSF 650 S /ABS (BANDIT650S) (2004 - 2006) [FRONT RIGHT]
GSX 750 (AE) (1996 - 2005) [FRONT RIGHT]
GSX 750 F (AK1113) (1998 - 2002) [FRONT RIGHT]
DR 800 S BIG (SR43B) (1991 - 1999) [FRONT Mod Yr 1996-1999]
VX 800 / U (VS51B/96) (1996 - 1997) [FRONT]
DL 1000 V-STROM (WVBS) (2003 - 2010) [FRONT RIGHT]
M1800 R/R2 INT. (INTRUD1800) (2006 - ) [REAR]

Having read this post from a while back, I am considering fitting a left SV650 calliper I've got in the workshop to my dr750, to see if this is an improvement on the older kit - it's in decent condition and I'm struggling with break squeal with my standard calliper, so before forking out for new pads il try an upgrade!

Question is; does anyone have a mounting bracket spare which they would be willing to sell me!? Alternatively does anyone have a drawing of it and I can convert it to a digital DXF. And get one laser cut (along with extras if anyone else wants one!)


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