Ultrasonic carb cleaning

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Ultrasonic carb cleaning

Postby weedave » Wed Dec 13, 2017 12:40 pm

I have just acquired a small ultrasonic cleaner at a boot sale but I have no info on the appropriate solvents to use. An online search seems to indicate you can make up your own fluids but there seems to be evidence that alkalis will attack aluminium. All I want to do is clean my carbs and one suggestion was neat screen wash. Any suggestions? I'm certain someone out there has some experience!
Cheers, Dave.
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Re: Ultrasonic carb cleaning

Postby O.R. » Wed Dec 13, 2017 8:28 pm

An ultrasonic cleaner (USC) can be used with special fluids. I always used hot water and degreaser (a yellow fluid). After the cleanup, rinse the cleaned parts with water.
It is very important that you completely disassemble your carbs, Otherwise, the dirt will be trapped inside. So separate the bodies and even remove the tiny air and fuel jets.
While the USC is working, NEVER put your hands in it. This is very dangerous for your bones. And never run the USC empty, this destroys the USC.
I had an 6L USC for some while, but sadly the transducers broke down (no micro bobbles any more). You can test the USC with some aluminium foil.
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