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Engine service and maintenance stand

Postby eggsontoast » Fri Mar 28, 2014 5:53 pm

Hi chaps,

I am in my final year of college studying aircraft engineering; as part of of my final year project I have wanted to design and fabricate a universal engine stand for the assembly/disassembly processes of engines and/or parts which works across a multitude of industries. Obviously within our industry they are many different types of engine architecture(s) each with it's own set of physical traits, so implementing some kind of consideration for these into the engineering design is key to success. I would like to manufacture these stands at some point in the near future for other people to benefit.

In the meantime I am in need of some rough dimensions and weight figures, of the DR750-800 and anything else you may have at your disposal :mrgreen: :

1. What is the weight of the engine with and without the carb system fitted? Please specify wether '750 or '800

2. What are the overall length, width and height dimensions from the maximal (furthest) points?

3.Distance between engine mounts?

5. Engine bolt size (diameter, length)?

4. Personal requirements and/or experiences?

Thanks for the input guys and girls.

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