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Re: vibration

Postby H_Lime » Tue Dec 09, 2014 11:47 am

Not designed for them Nug no, just made them fit in conjunction with the shitty acerbis guards which im changing. Oh the fun i will have removing them.
Did you have any success with your design?
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Re: vibration

Postby nug » Wed Dec 10, 2014 1:12 am

I never progressed beyond my initial experiments on the Sr43 mate. The lead inserts seemed to work well on the 800. The Sr41 never vibrated as much & although I fitted the DRZ forks with solid mount bars, I never found the vibes to be much of an issue.
I have recently upgraded to renthal fatbars with a home brew adaptor/riser & this has smoothed things a little more so not too much of an issue at the moment. That said, I haven't done more than around 150 miles in one session which is far from the 400-500 mile sessions we often endure on our OTT adventures. I think the issue will most likely be the different bend of the new bars than the vibes. The new bars are trials bend which are very straight. This is because I hate too much sweep on bars which makes me drop my elbows which in turn hurts my wrists & makes my throttle hand go numb (crippled old bastard). They feel great standing on the pegs despite being slightly lower than my previous bars.

What handguards are you fitting Colum ? I recently fitted some KTM 990SMT guards to mine. Around £50 from Jersey bikers KTM. Nice quality & large enough to give proper protection. Guess the Vibranators will work the same with those as with the shitty guards mate.
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