Dr Big - Exploring to Acquire One

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Dr Big - Exploring to Acquire One

Postby Phaedrus » Wed Jan 02, 2019 2:34 pm

Hola fellow riders.

I'm in Barcelona and has been riding for +40 years. Currently own a 2013 VStrom 650 and a 2016 Guzzi V7. I just registered in the forum to investigate the idea of purchasing a Dr Big and potentially joining the ranks.

I'd always like big thumpers and many eons ago used to race amateur enduro in Honda's XR 250 & 600. So I like engines with good torque at low-mid rpm's. Thus, the idea of a Big 800 to roam around the back roads leading to the Pyrenees is quite enticing. Prices in Spain for running licensed units are 1800-2300 €'s.

With that as background, I'd like to ask you a couple of questions.

What are the items to look for when evaluating a Dr Big 800? I tend to gravitate to that model (SR43) given all the updates that Suzuki did in only 3 years (88-91). This is unusual for Suzuki which is a very conservative company that seldoms revamps a line in less than 5 years. So, what are the items that are more sensitive to time and/or neglect? I have owned 4-5 Suzukis over the years and overall they have been very reliable. But, they tend to have their niggles probably due to over jealous beancounters saving on small things. My GT550 2 stroke always had a broken starter gear, the VStrom had problems with the stators and valves (both recalled), plus the wiring and connectors were prone to the occasional mishaps. And, the finishing on those bikes didn't age gracefully if left outdoors or without continuous rust protection. Is there a post in the forum that outlines these kind of items to look for in prospective bikes?

The other area is more an intellectual curiosity than a concern as a potential buyer. How does the carburetors work in the Dr Big? Do they open both a the same time or one remains close until a given rpm? Just curious.

Well, enough introduction from me. Have a happy and prosperous 2019!

Virgin - be gentle
Virgin - be gentle
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Re: Dr Big - Exploring to Acquire One

Postby nug » Fri Jan 04, 2019 9:21 pm

Welcome to the forum. Buying info can be found in the link shown. The carbs are synchronised same as on a 2 or 4 cylinder.

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