starter gear stripped...
The rotor can be an absolute barsteward to remove, even for those of us that have done it countless times.
If the 17mm bolt holding the rotor on won`t move, it`s probably because it`s loctited in place.
You will need a rotor holder to ensure the rotor isn`t going to move and then use a very long breaker bar to shift the rotor bolt.
The rotor holder is still available from Suzuki for £193 though you will probably have to make your own  at that price.
It fits in the two holes on the side of the rotor and you can see what it looks like here
Part no 09930-44913
Once you have removed the rotor bolt there is no guarantee the rotor will just pop off.
I`ve often had to tighten it up the rotor remover really tight and just leave it overnight and usually find the rotor somewhere halfway across the workshop floor next morning where it has eventually pinged off. So worth leaving some rags underneath to cushion the fall if you leave it.
Under no circumstances use heat anywhere near the rotor or you will destroy the magnets and have to get a new rotor
Try £872 for a new one!
Be very patient with this job and walk away if you get frustrated as it can be a pain in the bum.
Always use a new gasket.
If you've now got the bolt out and a tool to remove the rotor, put the bolt back in until it's about 3mm from home.
It's safer to jack on the head of the bolt than to risk damaging the thread in the crank.
Once the tool is locked onto the rotor, turn the jacking screw until the rotor comes off the will take some effort.
ok i will keep trying
i got the bolt loose and have an extractor \puller i was just afraid to use too much force.
will keep you informed!

ok it finally popped out!!
a pain to do it alone... ?
i applied a little heat with a heat gun,
not red hot mind you, since it gets a lot of
heat from the engine anyway i figured it is ok.
now i pull the whole thing out rotor and flywheel??
ok got the rotor out finally!
the clutch is like a big bearing?
it is missing one of the "balls"
is that all the problem?

hmm i thought i posted some pics but i don't see them!! ?
Hi, the balls are actually eccentric rollers that allow one way travel, any wear or missing parts will cause a problem.
If you're stuck for getting the parts, I have some used (good and working) parts here.
hello dave i tried pm you but no reply!
yes i am interested in some parts
try to contact me pls!
(25-09-2020, 10:28 PM)bigguy Wrote: hello dave i tried pm you but no reply!
yes i am interested in some parts
try to contact me pls!
PM sent.

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