Tentative 'Tenting' invite Kenmare, Co Kerry!
BigBob Wrote:I doubt if anyone will be going anywhere any time soon as the Black Death will be around for a long time to come I fear.
Sorry if I sound negative but that is the reality I`m afraid.
On a personal level, I live with someone who has a rare form of leukemia and has no immune system, so if I get it then she does and she dies.
Doesn`t matter what I would like to do as I have no choice really. Shame, as it sounds a grand idea, despite being over 600 miles and two days away.
Bob I genuinely hope things improve. For folks such as yourselves this is more than an imposition on work and travel. Maybe consider the Llandovery meet later this yr, circumstances permitting hopefully it goes ahead.
Bob I genuinely hope things improve.

So do I mate. I just feel sorry for the poor bastards who have to live/work in compromising conditions.>>>
Hi folks

I'm fortunate to be able to pitch my tree tent in the forest garden by the house so I've taken advantage of same over the past weeks. I wonder if anyone else has been able to escape nearby or further afield?

Every now and again I can have a snore in the wild with the convenience of home 100m away. I've been thinning and clearing a lot of the forest these past months which gives some really nifty potential sites to pitch a hammock or tree tent. It's lovely at dusk and dawn being suspended in your nest observing the sight and sounds of the creatures all around. If we can get a meet arranged, I'd be happy for anyone to try my tree tent out for a night. It is 'four seasons' and comfortably sleeps two and can support up to 400kg.

A few pics:

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That's so cool. Luckily, I can do the same, I have 2 acres of woodland, we have deer, badger erc. Love it. mot on Saturday for the mighty DR650 little.
Rob from Dartmoor.
Hi Rob, yeah - we're fortunate indeed to have some natural space. I'm exiting Cork City sooner rather than later permanently I hope. However, with the current pox fiasco going on, I escaped the city once we were pulled off the road (I'm school bus driver). Consequently, I've been able to tend the forest and grounds this past couple of months and, making headway. It's been very hard work as I'm sure you're aware of but, therapy for the mind and soul.

I do hope the general public will hold these goverment pricks and technocrats to account and a form of normality will resume soon. Schools off until September new 20/21 school year. So, maybe we can get a posse together and chew da fat over a bonfire and a few bevvies before that.

I'm awaiting delivery of 'Codan SAE 30 R9' fuel hose which is ethanol tolerant and a new battery and hope to get the Suzuki home from Cork. Then I'll have some of my sanity back.

Greetings to all in the interim.....

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