Popping from the exhaust.
Any tips to elimiante popping in the exhaust on the overrun?
My bike is suffering from this and i don`t like it.
Are the 800`s prone to this usually?
Apart from the usual suspects such as air leaks at the head and silencer joints are there any other tips anyone can give to remedy this annoying malady?
Some `bike carbs have vacuum-operated enrichening devices to prevent afterburn on a closed throttle but the DR carbs do not have anything like that, my idle mix screw is already on the rich side at 2.75 turns out. I *think* the carbs on my bike are from the German (50bhp?) version as i remember my mate who owned the bike before me and bought them off ebay got them from there - would this make any difference?
Would the idle speed help - (mine is set at 1500), although i did experiment yesterday and even when set at 1100 it still popped and banged.
S`funny, judging by all the bloody chav mobiles around here that pop and bang you`d think that it was something that is cool, it`s not - i find it bloody annoying, it just sounds like you`ve got a badly tuned engine and are telling everyone about it...
It`s definitely sucking in air at the header/silencer joint.
Try using some exhaust assembly paste.
The Germans got two types of carb assembly, one was the same as ours and the other was 27bhp.
If you had the lower bhp model you would know as it`s really gutless.
They lost 4bhp by using a milder camshaft so as to drop it to 50 bhp.
Cheers Bob, i will look into the header/silencer join. It`s just a slip-on with no gasket so i`ll get some jollop in there and try that. Are the head to header pipe joins usually reliable?

So the carbs on the German 50bhp version and the UK 54 bhp are essentially the same and it`s just the cam where the 4bhp is shaved off, interesting..
Is a high temp ducting tape a possibility!?
My first job was with GKN 1982 where we distributed industrial engineering stuff. One of the lines was auto & commercial exhausts and hardware. Most products were mild steel then before stainless and alloys were used so there was a vast range of sealing rings, gaskets and jointing compounds.

I'd suggest to seek out a local classic & vintage motor factors and see what they have. Also, that 'header wrap' on Harley-Fergusons can often do the job if you dare visit one of the guys in leather chaps and ask them to sell you a half metre. Also, try 'Demon Tweeks' as they have a vast range of consumables although not the cheapest. Great for fuel line items and those tiny filters for the DR.

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