Where is everyone?
which reminds me of an awful miserable ride from Oradour Sur Glane 

For those of you not familiar with this place  https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Oradour-su...e_massacre

and yes Rob, we probably are all nuts  Wink
Very interesting read BB. I'd never heard about this. I went to Dunkirk last year by motorcycle and was going to Normandy this month but the Covid thing has stopped that. Fingers crossed I'll make it next year.

P.S, you can't move in Devon and Cornwall for holiday makers at the moment........annoying !
Rob from Dartmoor.
Several years ago when I was working for Airbus in Toulouse, I  rode there from my home and vice versa, several times, using my XRV750 Africa Twin or GSX1400K2. 
816 miles door to door.
15hrs in one hit using the tunnel.
That Africa Twin seat is not for long trips!??

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